Wendi is delighted to do an author visit at your school, present a story hour at your library, participate in a book festival or any other literary event. If you would like to book a visit with Wendi, email wendisilvano@gmail.com and put “Author Appearance” in the message line.

Wendi is a former teacher whose engaging presentations include songs with crazy hats, the reading of some of her books and fun audience participation. They are geared to a variety of grade levels and include such topics as how everyone has stories to tell, how Wendi gets her story ideas and the process of writing a picture book from idea… through many revisions… to publication. Presentations range from 30-60 minutes with Q & A. Wendi is more than happy to tailor her presentations to your needs.

2023 Speaking Fees:

In Mesa County, Colorado
One presentation: $150
Half-day (2 presentations): $250
Full day (4-5 presentations):  $500

Colorado (outside Mesa County) and Utah
Full day (4-5 presentations): $600
*plus mileage (and lodging if necessary)

Out-of-state visits
Full-day (4-5 presentations): $700
*plus travel expenses: airfare, hotel, meals

Zoom Visit (30 minutes): $100

Wendi also loves to present to teachers and children’s authors (and aspiring authors). CONTACT HER to discuss fees.
Presentations for Teachers:
Tapping Into Their Tales (Using mentor texts to teach writing skills)
Presentations for Authors:
Word Wizardy
Leaving Room for the Art
Lure ‘Em In With Layers in Picture Books
When that Character Won’t Leave Your Head (Writing character-driven picture books)


Wendi Silvano brought joy, humor, and a wealth of information to our family literacy event.  All three of her presentations, (K-2, 3-5, and our parent groups), targeted these audiences appropriately.

Her stories, songs, and interactions with students brought smiles and laughter.  Our third through fifth graders were a captive audience for close to an hour as she described the process of writing a picture book.  Her emphasis on revising written work was appreciated by all.  Wendi’s presentation for parents had many fine examples to motivate and guide parents when reading aloud with their children at home.  Her handout is a great resource for parents.

Thank you Wendi!
Jean Kanitz and David Lindenberg
Sopris Elementary School
Glenwood Springs, Colorado

“It was so great to have you visit. My kids are finding stories everywhere to write. They asked collectively if they could have time to just write stories. They are so much more interested in writing now! Thanks to you!”

Cathy Mlodzik- Freedom Elementary, Colorado Springs, 2018

“Wendi’s presentation on adding layers to picture books was insightful and engaging. Her breakdown of what makes a picture book successful was incredibly helpful. I appreciated her use of sample books, and her wonderful handout that detailed each of the elements she talked about. I would love to hear her speak again!”
Gina Ricks (attendee at SCBWI writer’s conference in Rexburg, Idaho)

“Wendi presented three programs for preschool-third grad at St. Anne’s Episcopal School (Denver) as part of our Book Fair. She was a pleasure to work with, flexible and considerate of our requests for the day. As a former teacher, Wendi knows how to engage her audience. She included visuals, props and participation in the presentations. The content of each program was targeted to the age group. After a full day at school, Wendi signed books at Barnes & Noble for four hours! We enjoyed our day with Wendi and look forward to the next Turkey adventure!”
Terry DiNicola, Librarian

“What a visit Wendi and Lee! The kids were so very excited to finally meet you. I had talked about the upcoming visit for weeks-they were pumped. And the were not disappointed! They loved the storytelling, the songs, and the slideshow pictures (ah, the chickens, the sheep, the pigs, the dogs!). They loved learning the process a picture book goes through from a single idea to an edited manuscript; from sketches in many notebooks to the completed watercolor paintings. They were thoroughly amazed that you guys didn’t even know each other until Turkey came on the scene and needed some pretty cool disguises. And how they loved learning the steps to drawing the best turkey ever as well as adding some pretty crazy additions to his wardrobe. I cannot thank you two enough for making the effort to visit our very small school, tucked away in a equally small town in north-central Texas. Your presentation was spot-on and it will be a memory from the 2021-2022 school year that we will never forget!”
Karen Witte, Librarian, St. Joseph’s Catholic School, Waxahachie, TX

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