Will clever and quick-witted Turkey find a way around the biggest challenges of his life?


Turkey is in trouble. Bad trouble. The kind of trouble where it’s almost Thanksgiving… and you’re the main course! But Turkey comes up with a hilarious plan to try and avoid being on the platter on the big day.

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Children’s Choice award winner- 2010

“Kids will eat up this clever and comical tale”- Booklist

“Stuffed with clever wordplay, groanable puns, and easy-to-ham-it-up animal sounds, this chuckle-inducing narrative makes a crowd-pleasing read-aloud…” –School Library Journal

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Marc Maron reads Turkey Trouble on Storyline Online

Teachers Pay Teachers

On the Teachers Pay Teachers website, visit 20 teacher-created lessons to teach vocabulary, repetition, predicting, problem-solving, dynamic characters, figurative language, math, art, etc. This Turkey Trouble Book Companion is particularly wonderful.

read-along turkey trouble worksheet

Help young listeners and readers build comprehension and math skills.