Get Excited! Turkey Goes to School!


Wendi and Lee (the Turkey illustrator) are joining together for an online LAUNCH PARTY for TURKEY GOES TO SCHOOL on Monday, August 9 at 5 PM Mountain Time (7 PM Eastern time). There will be some silly singing, some Turkey drawing (bring your pencil and paper), a guessing game, and a special chance to see some of Lee’s farm critters in person! (And of course a reading of the book). Watch this blog and the website for a link coming soon!


Nothing is more thrilling than having a surprise box show up on your doorstep… and when you open it up you find F&G’s of your upcoming book inside. F&G’s (folded and gathered’s) of picture books are like ARC’s (Advanced Reader’s Copy) in novels. The pages are all there, but they aren’t bound with the final hard cover. These are sent to various people and organizations that will read them and review them. I get some and so does Lee Harper (the illustrator). This is my first time seeing the book as it will look in its final form. I never know when they are coming for sure so it’s a delightful surprise! (Later, when the bound books come, that’s exciting too, but by then I know exactly how the book will look and so it’s not such a surprise). The books will release on August 1, 2021, and can be pre-ordered now on Amazon.


I’m SO excited to announce that TWO (did you catch that?) TWO new Turkey books are coming!

TURKEY GOES TO SCHOOL is scheduled to come out in 2021 (It’s a back-to-school adventure for Turkey and his barnyard pals)

TURKEY-TINE will come out in 2022 (a tale of Turkey looking to convince Miss Turkey to be his Valentine).

Art by Lee Harper