Monday, Aug. 9, 2021 at 5:00 pm Mountain time/7:00 pm Eastern time

New Release coming! Turkey is going to school August 1, 2021!!!

This book is being released just in time for parents and teachers to share with kids as they get excited for the upcoming school year. It is sure to prompt conversation between you and your children.

Turkey and his pals can’t wait for school to start, but when they are booted off the bus, they must find a way to show everyone that turkeys—and their friends—do belong in school.

TWO new Turkey books coming! (“Turkey Goes to School” and “Turkey-Tine” (Valentine’s)!!

Turkey is still out there having his wild adventures and being the most clever turkey ever. Turkey Goes to School releases on August 1, 2021 and Turkey-Tine is currently n the works and will be ready in time for Valentines Day 2023.

Cortez, Colorado Literary Festival

Out West Books Book Launch Party — enjoy the slidshow!

Great fun at Out West Books for the book launch party on Saturday, April 13th!

“What an EGGSTRA-ORDINARY time everyone had at the book launch for Turkey’s Eggcellent Easter. Look out Turkey! I think you have  some serious competition for disguises! Thank you Marya from Out West Books for hosting us!”

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Out West Book Launch Photos

Lee Harper, Turkey Books Illustrator

Working with an illustrator… did you know?

Most of the time an author has no idea who will be the illustrator of her book? The publisher chooses the illustrator. (Wendi considers herself very lucky that Lee Harper was chosen to illustrate her Turkey books! Who else would have such clever ideas for Turkey’s disguises? This is Lee and her at a signing.)

Most of the time an author doesn’t talk with the illustrator and give any ideas. Illustrators use their own creativity to bring a story to life. (Wendi never met or spoke to Lee Harper until after the second book was published.) 

In a picture book, the art has to tell half the story. (When you read the Turkey books, notice that Wendi never describes the costumes at all in the text.)

Visit to Harvard Academy Children’s Center

Turkey in Target!

Check it out…
Turkey is in great company at Target!!

More photos–More fun!

Out with my readers… …wendi

Turkey Trouble made into a puppet show…

Library staff in Mesa County, Colorado created and produced a really fun puppet show based on Turkey Trouble for Thanksgiving. Wendi attended the puppet show premiere!